Today is my anniversary. Phil and I like to joke that we are saving two other people a lifetime of misery. But the truth is, Phil is a very good match for me. We got engaged because Phil fed me. Really.

It started when we were dating; he wooed me with homemade cheesecake. After I graduated from college and moved to within 4 hours of Chicago (instead of 15!), I would spend many weekends driving up to visit him. One weekend I was scheduled to visit, I got home from work on Friday and I was tired. I didn't want to drive 4 hours, so I called Phil and told him I wasn't coming to visit. He was upset, but understood. I spent the next few hours trying to discuss with my 3 housemates (my brother, sister, and brother-in-law) what was for dinner. I would get no response. Knowing that if I went to Chicago, Phil would feed me, I called him up, told him I had changed my mind, and drove the four hours to see him. Yes, that's right, I drove four hours to be fed rather than cook for myself or go to a drive-thru. And I was right. When I got there, Phil fed me. I knew he was a keeper.

So, at some point that weekend, I proposed to Phil (I didn't think he was getting around to it soon enough). He swears to this day he was going to propose the following weekend, but we'll never know. Anyway, he said yes, but made a counter-proposal, on the off-chance that I was merely asking for information rather than actually asking to get married (Oh, you'll marry me? Good to know. Let me file this away for later). I agreed, we planned and had a wedding and *tada* here we are eleven years later.

What brings this up (outside of the fact that it's my anniversary and we're going to a wedding this evening)? I watched a cute romantic comedy yesterday called "Leap Year." Yes, it's predictable, but I loved it for several reasons. First, the heroine is a planner and likes to be precise. It should shock no one to learn that I'm a bit of a planner. Okay, okay. An extreme planner. When the heroine starts walking places because she has no other form of transportation, I could totally relate. When I want to get something done, Lord help whatever gets in my way. But the best part was the end. *SPOILER WARNING*

Ultimately, our heroine goes back to Ireland to propose to the right guy (again, I could relate!). Her proposal is wonderful. Having been such a planner, she doesn't ask him to get married. She asks him if he would like to not make plans with her (I love this because there are many times when I have had to struggle to not make plans). Ultimately, he rejects her proposal and makes a counter proposal. He says, "I don't want not to make plans with you. I want to make plans with you." I'm sure I melted.

At this point, my dear husband pauses the movie, looks over, and says, "That was probably the most romantic proposal you have ever heard. I'm sorry I didn't come up with that line myself." Turns out I was right. He's definitely a keeper.

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