Fathers Day 0.5 (beta)

It is Fathers Day.

This is the first year when Fathers Day applies to me, even though the title remains imminent for a few more months.

I am reminded of all the men, starting with dad, who have had a nurturing, challenging, important role in my life.

Some have said that parenthood is the most important job for which there is no owner's manual. While this whole parenting thing is more than just a little frightening, I have a lot of examples. Of course, everyone can serve as an example: some of how to, and some of how not to. I am especially thankful that I have so many good examples.

So to all the fathers out there, especially those by whose presence, example and persistence your children have been blessed, I thank you. To my own Dad, thanks, and sorry for all the messes.

Here's to you (and soon to us).

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