Progress Report

Today we went to the doctor for an ultrasound to check both baby's growth as well as placenta placement. The growth checks are because we used IVF. Studies have shown that IVF babies are more likely to have low birth weight, so they check growth progress. Our little girl is now 2 lbs, 15 ozs--she's in the 76th percentile and measuring about a week ahead of schedule. She had the hiccups during the ultrasound--I couldn't feel them, but it was cute to watch.

There was mixed news on the placenta front. The good news was that it had moved up. Last time it was partial-previa, indicating it was partially covering the cervix. Now, it is 1 cm away, which classifies it as "low lying." They will check me again in 6 weeks to see if it's moved anymore. The goal is to have it at least 2 cm away. If it reaches that point, then they will let me try natural childbirth rather than scheduling a c-section. So, yea for movement, but we need more.

On the preparation front, things are going smoothly. We started prenatal classes and have scheduled a hospital visit. This coming week we will finish cleaning out the nursery and get it painted. Then we will start moving things into the room, like the bookcase and the rocking chair. Also arriving this week are a crib and changing table, courtesy of Phil's parents. Thanks to hand-me-downs, we are totally set on clothes and bibs. Between the huge bag of clothes from my cousin and the three tubs of clothes from Phil's sister, we are more than set. We also got a huge tubs of books. I am so grateful for everyone's generosity.

I waffle between wanting to have my daughter here right now and knowing that it is much better for her to continue to bake. But, all in all, things are going well and feeling more real.

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