A Mickey Mouse Operation

On November 18, 1928, Mickey Mouse made his debut in "Steamboat Willie." Some 82 years later, it appears that my dear daughter will quite possibly share this memorable day with Mr. Mouse. An interesting turn of events given how Disney obsessed I have been for most of my life.

Today's doctor visit included a growth check. Baby is roughly 7 lbs--66th percentile. She is still head down, but has turned back toward the front again. She seems to swap back and forth between front and back with each visit. If the pattern holds, she'll be facing back again next week in time for labor. Yay!

Today's visit also included the scheduling of my induction. Provided my little girl doesn't come early, I head to the hospital the evening of Nov. 17 for induction. Sadly, my doc is not the one on call that day. However, the doc that is on call is one I met twice before, and I am comfortable with her.

The plan appears to be that I will receive drugs to ripen the cervix which will work overnight so that by morning, labor will either start on its own, or I will get pitocin to start contractions. This creates a high likelihood that my baby will be born on the 18th. Incidentally, I have two dear friends whose birthdays straddle the 18th, so if she comes on the 17th or 19th, she will also be in good birthday sharing company. Still, I'm a little amused at the idea of her sharing Mickey Mouse's birthday.

Outside of baby deciding to come early, the only other potential hiccup in the plan is if the hospital is full up. I have instructions to call a few hours prior to the time I'm supposed to arrive and make sure they can take me. If they are busy with moms already in labor, I will get bumped, and then who knows what happens from there. Thus, although there's still some wiggle room in all of this, we have a plan. And as you all know by now, plans make me happy.

All of this puts me about 9 days away from the beginning of the beginning. It's a little hard to believe that it's so soon, and yet it still feels so far away. I think it's now time to try and enjoy the time I have left bring pregnant. After all, there's no guarantee I can get pregnant again, or that we'll choose to afford to. This may be it. It's time to stop looking ahead and start living in and enjoying the moments I have left--however uncomfortable they may be.

So, here's to my remaining days of pregnancy. May I find ways to celebrate, rejoice, and enjoy them. After all, once she arrives, I have to share her. Until then, she's still all mine. Oh, and here's to my little girl coming before Thanksgiving, so I can indulge in all those wonderful carbs!

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