So today I went to the center to have my nurse consultation--where they tell me all about the entire process, go over everything I need to know and answer all my questions--and also a mock transfer--where they go through the transfer process, but take measurements so that they know "the lay of the land," as it were, for the real thing. Everything went well, and I am only slightly freaked out. On the plus side, based on the meds they picked for me, the majority of my time I will only have one injection. There will be two days with three, and about 12 days with two, but all the rest of my almost two months will be one injection. Yay! I also discovered that most of them don't need to be refrigerated. Another plus! Finally, my med cost came in at the low end of things,(sometimes the meds can cost as much as the procedure, so that was a great thing), and my "monitoring" will be covered by insurance. So, the 6-7 blood tests and ultra sounds shouldn't be out of pocket. Woo Hoo! All in all, it was a visit filled with good news.

What I wasn't expecting was the news that I will not be starting my suppression injections the first week of March as I expected. Why? Because I am starting them a week from tomorrow! They moved me up a month. Ack! Don't get me wrong. This is a great thing. Not only is it less time to worry and fret and freak myself out about everything, but it completely removes the difficulties of trying to miss Holy Week with the procedures (and the possibility of being due around Christmas). But my mind has not quite wrapped around the fact that this is really happening in a week. I thought I was going to have more time to prepare. I have decided, however, that this is just the first of many opportunities to learn to go with the flow. After all, once I have children, plans will have to be a lot more flexible. So, I might as well take this opportunity to learn that lesson early.

In other news, Phil has agreed to learn how to give me the IM injections, so I am going to pull up my big girl pants and learn to give myself the SQ ones. In the added degree of difficulty category, I will start my injections on a day that I am out of town. Even so, I am going to do my best to keep my stress levels down and live the experience. After all, I really only plan to do this once.

So, here's to good news and good surprises. May there be more of these down the road.

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