Taking a Shot at This

By now, the Mrs. has set it all out very nicely. And I share her excited anxiety, or anxious excitement, or whatever this admixture of feelings is. It is a very strange process for the male of the partnership, having some rather important roles to play, but not being nearly as involved in the initial processes of pregnancy as normal. (How is that for being euphemistic?!)

One role I get to play is giving shots. I hate needles. No, let me restate that. I HATE needles. I dislike shots so much that they let me sit down to give me my TB test, which is an itty-bitty needle. But now I will be learning how to administer them.

One positive aspect of doing fire chaplaincy is hanging out with EMTs and Paramedics. This means I see enough needles and such that I am getting used to them.

I will let you know how this goes.

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