Approaching the Great Unknown

So, today I got the news I didn't want. I'm being put on insulin. I'm not terribly surprised by the news, just frustrated. Now I have to go to another class to learn about giving myself injections. On the bright side, it's only once a day, likely in the morning. On the downside, although I am extremely good at giving myself shots in the stomach, that is not currently an option. I think I'll have to do them in the thigh--something they'll teach me in the class.

Otherwise, my daughter is doing well, although she is measuring big. There's this neat trick they do late in pregnancy where they measure how many centimeters high your uterus is. The number is usually a rough estimate of your weeks of pregnancy. So, if you're 28 weeks, they expect to see you at plus or minus 2 cm--so anything in the 26-30 range. Well, I previously measured larger, but within the range. First I was 1 cm ahead, then 2. Now, it's 4. I'm officially outside of the normal range. Ironically, the nurse said I ought to be scheduled me for a growth ultrasound, but I told them I was already scheduled for one because of the IVF. So, now I'm being monitored because I have one risk factor for an underweight baby, and one risk factor for an overweight baby. I have decided that this simply means she's going to be the perfect size. Still, it's all a little overwhelming.

In any event, I have now entered the phase where they will see me every two weeks, instead of every month. But, starting in 4 weeks, I go to 2 visits a week, one of which lasts about 2 hours. Holy cow! How can anyone get anything else done with all these doctor visits?! But, I can be (and am) grateful that I am not in pain, have not been given bed rest, and everything is otherwise going extremely well. I can't really believe how close we are to done. I am less than 2 months away from the baby that has been 3 years in the making. It's amazing and mind-boggling. I am equal parts excited and terrified. For as crazy as this ride has already been, it's really just starting. I am about to bring a tiny person into this world. And if she's anything like her parents, we're in for quite a time.

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