Being the Mommy

I never really thought much about all of the things I would be required to do for my child before I decided to become a parent.  Such things as, oh, making major medical decisions for my child's care just didn't cross my mind.  But more than that, there are the smaller, daily or weekly things you have to do, for their own good, that make them cry.  And you don't want to, but you have to.  Whether it's taking away a dangerous object, setting boundaries and moving them away from something after they have been told "no," or sucking snot from their nose when they have a cold.  All of these things make Lil' Bit cry and scream.  And I hate doing it, but I have to.  That's what being the mommy is all about--being the responsible person and doing the responsible thing, as opposed to the easier, more expedient, causes less trouble, thing.  So, when there's something that has to be done, like giving Lil' Bit medicine, or putting her to bed when she doesn't want to go, we look at each other and say, "Be the mommy"; "Be the daddy", and prepare ourselves to survive the screaming that is to come.
However, being the mommy also has an upside.  There is nothing as wonderful as coming downstairs and seeing my daughter's face light up as she sees me and watching her hold her arms out to be picked up.  Or when she wraps her arms around me and give me a big snuggle and cuddles her head into my neck.  Or, when someone else is holding her and I come up and she gets this huge toothy grin and moves as if to jump into my arms.  These are the rewarding parts of being a mommy that make the difficult ones worth it.
Recently, I've noticed that, as we get closer to Lil' Bit's surgery, I spend more time playing with her and hugging her and snuggling with her.  It's not that I think she's not going to make it, or that anything bad is going to happen.  But I also know that things do happen; sometimes when we least expect it.  So, I want to make sure that I'm taking as much time as I can to enjoy my little girl.  And, honestly, there's no downside to doing it.  It's not as though there's something "better" I ought to be doing with my time.
So, here's to being the mommy.  Whether it's difficult responsibilities, or wonderful rewards, for me, it's totally worth it.

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  1. And my experience is that as they get somewhat older (by the way, here's wishing her the best on her upcoming surgery) that you continue to have difficult bits, and continue to have to do things they don't want (or, as they get older, make THEM do things they don't want to). But the rewards get bigger as a you go along.

    -- Michael Chermside