I've had a rough day.  Between witnessing the baptism of two adorable baby boys at church this morning--which reminded me of the two times we tried and failed to do the same for Patrick--and the realization that friendships have changed--resulting in feelings of loneliness and not belonging--I have just felt like running away and starting over.  Fortunately, I had someone who could talk me down from the proverbial ledge and got me through the worst of it.  And then I did what I do best--processed through writing.  Here, without further comment, is the result.


I tried to put down deep roots.
I thought that they were strong.
Until the wind uprooted me,
And taught me I was wrong.

Like a kite, free of its flyer;
Like a tent, with pegs pulled free;
I have become untethered,
From the life I built for me.

My thoughts are unrelenting,
Regardless of their truth.
I hope things will get better,
Although I have no proof.

So, with a faith that's shaken;
With a heart shattered and frail;
I try again to take root,
Before the next wind gale.

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