2016 Word of the Year

have an orchid that a friend at work gave me when I first returned to work after Patrick died.  It lived at work for a while and then had a few different locations in our old house (oh yeah--we moved last year, but that's for a different blog post), but it either got not enough light or the kitties attacked it, and then we moved it to the new house.  That I haven't killed it yet is amazing in and of itself, but whether as inspiration or a good omen, it decided to open it's first flower on the 31st.

See, as is my tradition, I spent part of December 31 figuring out my word for 2016.  My brother-in-law suggested "better," and given how 2016 started off, that might have been a good choice.  Instead, however, I was drawn to "bloom," as in, bloom where you are planted.  The orchid's decision to flower that day is probably what sealed the deal, but part of why I chose it is because I want life to be about more than just making the best of a bad situation.  I want it to be about finding a way to shine and show off my best self no matter what situation I'm in.

Having chosen my word, I have spent the past few weeks trying to figure out ways to move forward on projects and begin to "bloom" myself.  I forwarded my manuscript to an editor to move forward on getting my book published.  I started selling Jamberry nail wraps on the side to earn money for said editor as well as take a step outside my comfort zone and talk to people.  As an introvert who prefers writing to talking, my first home party was terrifying, but it was filled with friends, which was a big help.

And sure enough, as I have moved forward, my orchid has taken off as well.

Seven blooms with roughly 10 more buds left to open!!  I try to look at my orchid each morning, but particularly on rough mornings, as a reminder that I can do this.  I can show my best self and let the world see the fruits of my internal labor.

May this year give you the opportunity to find your best self and let others see what is most beautiful in you. 

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