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Ever since I was diagnosed with GD and had measurements where I seemed to be ahead of schedule, not to mention discovering that many doctors want to induce when you're insulin dependent, I have had some anxiety about what was going on. Add in the anxiety I already had about the fact that I had a low-lying placenta that might require a c-section, and I was pretty nervous going to my visit today. (Truth be told, a lot of my anxiety was probably because there were only questions--no answers and no plan--and you should all be quite familiar with my love of a plan by now).

So, we started with an ultrasound for the growth check. Turns out, everything is going extremely well. The GD has not made my daughter too big. She is currently measuring 5 1/2 lbs, which puts her in the 71st percentile in terms of size, and a mere 5 days ahead of schedule. She is head down and facing my back--the ideal position (an overachiever already!). She refuses to move from this position, even when prodded by the ultrasound tech in order to try and determine whether the placenta moved.

The tech also confirmed that the placenta had moved. Although she couldn't tell exactly how far it had moved, given my daughter's stubborn refusal to move, she could determine that it was far enough away that it was no longer considered low-lying, so a c-section is not required.

After the ultrasound, I met with another one of the docs in the practice (they are busy having me meet as many of them as possible since there's no telling who will be on-call when my daughter decides to arrive--so far I have liked them all, though I'm still holding out hope I get my doc--she's the best!). The doc upped my insulin some, but thought things were going well. When I expressed my frustration that some of my numbers did weird things even though I ate the same thing everyday, she assured me that those were perfectly normal. She said that when people don't have those wild outliers in their numbers, they are usually faking their numbers. Yay! I can stop beating myself up about that.

I was also reminded of why I love this practice so much, as they dealt with my last concern--whether being insulin dependent made it likely they would have to induce me early or not let me go past my due date. They do not subscribe to that theory. As long as there is nothing going on (high blood pressure, issues with the baby, etc), they will wait for the baby to make her appearance and not induce early or even on my due date.

So, with the exception of the need for insulin, I am having a normal, healthy pregnancy and everything is on schedule for a spontaneous, natural childbirth on baby's schedule. Now the only thing left to do is rein in my control needs and quit worrying about that. :)

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