Gonna Need a Tiebreaker

So this week started my twice-weekly visits to the doctor's office. Mondays are long visits where I have an ultrasound, NST (non-stress test), and doctor visit. Thursdays are short visits where I have another NST.

Today's NST results were fine--I did not appear to have any contractions and baby's heartrate was good. The ultrasound results were also good. We didn't get a new size measurement, but the fluid levels were good. Although still head down, she has turned from facing the back to the side, so we could finally see her face. She's quite a cutie, if I do say so myself. The ultrasound tech also told us (and showed us) that baby has hair. Yay! Phil joked with the tech about whether she could tell if it was red or blonde. She answered, "As far as we can tell, all babies are tow-heads because it always shows up white." Can't wait to find out if I got my curly, red-headed baby!

Next up was the visit with the doc. She said that my sugar levels looked great, so they would leave the insulin level where it was (yay!). She measured my stomach and, even though it was a little big, thought it was fine. She asked if I had any questions and I said, "Well, I asked the doc at my last visit this question, but got a different answer from nurses since then so I just wanted to check--since I'm insulin dependent, will I be allowed to go past my due date." Her answer was that in all likelihood, if I don't go into labor beforehand, I will be induced at 39 weeks. Hmmm. So, now I have one who says 39 weeks, and one who says I can go as long as everything is fine. Now, maybe the odds are that with the insulin dependency, things don't stay fine past the due date so it's really the same answer, but it doesn't really seem that way, and I was surprised to get such divergent answers. Rather than argue (what would be the point--she answered my question), I decided that at next Monday's visit, when I get to see MY doc, rather than rotating through the others in the practice as I have been doing, I will find out what she says. She can be the tiebreaker, as it were. After all, since she's my official doc, I would assume things would go by what she does.

Either way, things are very close now, and I find myself fluctuating between excited and terrified more frequently than ever. Still, having gotten a picture of my daughter's face, I would say that, at least for the rest of today, I am simply excited.

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