The Eye of the Storm

Today being the day between procedures, I thought I would take a little time and reflect on things I have learned over the past few days:

1. Phil is good at giving IM shots.
2. IM shots don't hurt when you get them, but if you fail to rub them and put a heat pack on them, the injection site will be extremely sore for at least two days after the fact.
3. Changing sides every other day for IM injections only works if you remember #2.
4. Valium doesn't do much for me.
5. Versed is a great drug--when it works.
6. Retrieval is a ridiculously painful experience. (See #5).
7. I have NO intention of ever going through retrieval again. (See #5 & 6).
8. The center harvested 15 eggs, two of which were immature. Of the 13 mature eggs, 12 fertilized. So, we're in great shape for transfer tomorrow.
9. If we decide to do this again (either because we were unsuccessful or because we want siblings), #7 still stands, because #8 means there's plenty left over for a frozen cycle.
10. Tylenol does not kill pain like Aleve, but it's better than nothing.
11. You can never have too many snuggly blankets.
12. Surprise flowers (especially Iris) make any day better (Thanks, Margaret & Dale).
13. Support makes a difference, and I am extremely grateful for all of yours.

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