The Facts Are These...

The doctor decided I should wait one more day before triggering, so tonight was my last set of Gonal-F and Lupron injections. Tomorrow night, Phil will give me the trigger injection, which is a massive dose of HCG. Monday will be a shot-free day. Hallelujah! Tuesday will be retrieval and Thursday will be transfer. Based on my age, they will transfer two embryos. There is a 54% success rate (my doctor describes this as the "take-home baby" rate, not just a positive pregnancy test) and within that 54%, a 30% chance of twins (which calculates out to about a 15% chance of twins).

What does all this mean? Well, short term, I'm on full bed rest Thursday and Friday, post-transfer, which I plan to spend reading and sleeping. Then I enter the dreaded two-week wait (TWW), where every gas bubble and twinge gets over-analyzed and there's nothing to do but wait. I can't do any home pregnancy tests prior to 3/16 because they will register a false positive based on the HCG trigger shot. During the TWW, I have to have daily progesterone shots. On 3/16, I'll have a blood pregnancy test. If it's positive, they'll do another one two days later to determine whether the pregnancy is viable and, if so, whether it's multiples. If the blood tests are positive, I will continue doing the progesterone shots for roughly another month and then get transferred back to my OB-GYN. If they aren't positive, then Phil and I have a lot to process and think about.

So, that's where we are. Many thanks to those of you who have been and continue to support us. We'll need that (and my Feel Better Bucket) to get through these next few weeks.

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