Feel Better Bucket

As I was doing research on IVF, one of the books I read contained some advice that I thought was very valuable. The writer, who endured something like 7(!) rounds of IVF, came up with a neat way to get through the bad days. Before she began a new cycle of IVF, she put together a box of things she loved, like lotions and bath gel, that she could use to pamper herself on days when a shot was particularly painful, or her emotions were out of control. Bad day? Make it better by pulling something from the box of goodies. Part of the brilliance of this is that stress can reduce the chances of a successful IVF cycle, so keeping stress down is super important!

I adopted this idea and created my own box, which I named my "Feel Better Bucket." I put in foot lotion, a heated aromatherapy neck wrap, books, movies, clothes, candy and all kinds of things that would make me feel better. Phil joined in the plan and pre-ordered me some books from Amazon that will show up as soon as they are published, so I'll get some random surprises in the mail of books by authors I love.

Well, today I'm dipping into my bucket. This past week was brutal. It started with an ear infection. I stayed home for two days until the fever was gone and I looked better than death warmed over. I had, however, diligently worked from home. However, come Thursday, when I went to mail myself the document, it didn't exist. Oh, there was a shortcut in my "recent documents" as proof that it had, at one time, existed. But now, it was gone! So, I went to work and talked to the tech people, who confirmed for me that it really is gone. *sigh* Then, the emotional swings with the meds started. Although, I'm generally allowed to argue with my boss (We debate until we either reach an agreement, or we agree to disagree and I write things his way since he's the boss), our office assistant informed me yesterday that she thought I might have argued a little too much on Thursday. Oops! Fortunately, they both know what's going on and were very good about everything. I am working on building a stronger filter before I say the things in mind these days, however.

Anyway, to continue, I ended up driving a friend's car on Thursday and almost ran out of gas as I was taking it back to her because the gas gauge jumps back up to full when it is empty?!?! Phil took me to the bookstore to try and make my day better and I couldn't find anything to buy! This never happens. Then, to cap off this fabulous week, I ordered my meds on Tuesday for delivery today (because you have to be home to sign for them from FedEd and Saturday is the only day I can do that). I get a call today--they're not going to be able to get them to me until Monday. I give myself full points. I did not yell and scream at the poor woman whose job it was to tell me. It was not her fault. But seriously. They offer Saturday delivery. And yet, BOTH TIMES I have had stuff sent, it has not arrived until the following Monday! Fortunately, I am anal-retentive and order things early, so I do not need the meds before then. I am, however, stressing out. So, today, I am dipping into my Feel Better Bucket and I am going to veg until late this afternoon by watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Here's hoping I don't need the bucket next week.

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