A Strange Rejoicing

An odd thing happened to me yesterday. For the first time in over two years, instead of being crushed and disappointed, I was excited, indeed I was downright jubilant, because my cycle started. The difference, as with most things in life, was context. Not only was it not a surprise, it was something I was waiting for because it meant I could start the next phase of the IVF process. It was almost torture to wait until this morning to call the center to make my appointment. But, today arrived and I called and reported my news. Now, I have an appointment for blood work and an ultrasound for tomorrow afternoon to make sure the Lupron has properly suppressed my system. Depending on the results, I could start my stimulation injections as soon as tomorrow night! Although that will mean three injections instead of one, I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Have you ever seen someone so excited they looked like they were vibrating? Well, that's about what I look like. Here's to good news tomorrow!

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