Marching Orders

[This post is going to look very similar to the one from January, because the protocol is identical.  We're mostly just changing the dates around.  Still, a plan is a plan.  So, here it is.]

This morning I had my blood drawn to check my estrodiol (estrogen) levels.  It needed to be under 50 and mine was 29.  Yay!  You might notice a discrepancy between the necessary levels for this test, and the one I talked about in January.  The difference is that the test can be run on cycle day (CD) 1, 2 or 3.  This time, I had the blood drawn on CD 1, whereas last time it was on CD 2.  The levels should necessarily be lower on CD 2, than CD 1.  Hence, the difference in the level I needed.

I contacted the fertility center and left the pertinent information in a message.  The coordinator called me back and we began calculating when my procedure would be.  We then counted back 18 days from that date to determine when I start my additional meds.  Why do it this way?  Because they only do FETs on Tuesday through Friday (because they have to thaw the embryos and give them time to grow and don't want people to have to come in on the weekend to do it).  So, they don't want people to begin taking meds on a day when their procedure would fall on a Monday or a weekend.  Go figure.  Anyway, we determined that the earliest I could start the meds was tomorrow, but then day 18 would fall on a Monday (the 17th), which is a no go.  The 18th was out because Phil had something on his calendar.  I didn't want Friday the 21st, because I need two days of bedrest (transfer day and the next day), which meant I needed two weekdays so  that Lil' Bit would be in daycare.  That left the 19th and 20th--exactly what I predicted back in June.  Am I good or what?  As I noted in that June post, this transfer date makes for a June baby--roughly June 13th, give or take how they calculate the age of the embryo and everything.

But, what this means for me more immediately is that I have only 18 shots left!  Woo Hoo!  *happy dance*  For those looking for technical details, the protocol is as follows:

  • I cut my Lupron dose in half beginning tonight.
  • On 9/3, I begin taking estrogen, with the dose increasing on days 6 and 10.
  • On day 11 (9/13), I will have an ultrasound to make sure everything is developing appropriately for the transfer.
  • Assuming everything is on track, I continue the Lupron and estrogen for 4 more days (including 9/13).
  • On day 15 (9/17), I stop the Lupron, reduce the estrogen, and start progesterone.
  • On day 16, I start taking antibiotics and steroids in addition to everything else.
  • Day 18 = Transfer Day! Followed by the dreaded two-week wait (TWW).
The excitement is building.  We are only 3 weeks away from transfer!  Can you feel that?  It's the roller coaster slowing down as we near the top of the first hill.  Fellow travelers, get ready to raise your hands up over your head, scream as loud as you can, and enjoy the ride.

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